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Pet Treasures

A Division of Thompson Enterprises
P.O. Box 734
  Redwood City, CA  94064

Phone: (877) 260-2046




Pet Treasures is dedicated to providing our customers the highest quality pet products to pamper your pet! 

We strongly believe that all pet owners should reward their devoted pets by providing them with fun and interactive toys, comfortable bedding, fashionable collars, leads, protective shelter, health items, etc.  We also believe that doing so adds to the quality and longevity of their lives.  They deserve the best we can give them because they give us so much in return.  Their unconditional love and loyalty. 

We strongly believe that a "happy and healthy pet makes for a happier and healthier human".

We are constantly focusing on carrying a full line of quality pet products for every kind of pet. We look forward to offering our customers a reliable and convenient service that they will always return to when they are looking for new items to pamper their pet as well as the reliability of finding their pets most favorite toys and other favorite essentials. We are proud to offer some select pet product lines that offer charitable contributions back to various pet and animal welfare organizations.

Establishing positive consumer and business relationships is a vital part of our company achieving our long and short term goals. We hope that as you browse our store, you will find the products that you are looking for.  However if not, please contact us either by phone or e-mail and we will attempt to locate the product for you.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to providing all of your pet's product needs!


The Pet Treasures Team