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For the Love of Dachshunds

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2006 IPPY Independent Publisher Book Awards
Honorable Mention - Animals/Pets

For the Love of Dachshunds is the most deeply researched, brilliantly argued, and archly entertaining book on the Dachshund ever written. In 112 full-color photographs, a prestigious group of dog photographers captures the spirit of the Dachshund as a living companion. Robert Hutchinson’s text peers deep into the ancient soul of the fifth most popular dog breed in the United States today and reveals for the first time its whole fascinating story. Many of his discoveries contradict the standard breed literature. This is a book that must be reckoned with by all students of the breed and savored like a ballpark frankfurter by all Dachshund lovers.

The first chapter, “Everyone Loves a Wiener,” traces the time-honored association between Dachshunds and hot dogs; shows how the Dachshund’s temperament and body form mimic those of its traditional prey; and sorts out the modern systems of dividing the breed up into show classes. Hutchinson’s second chapter, “Dachondroplasia,” compares and contrasts the genetics of dwarfing in Dachshunds, other dwarf breeds, and human beings. “The Low-Down on Dachshunds and Bassets” documents the proposition that Dachshund has for most of its long history been indistinguishable from the basset. This chapter features chronologically ordered, fully annotated, and newly translated citations of every reference to the word Dachshund in German literature and art, from its first appearance in 1682 until the end of the eighteenth century. The French sources from which most of the German citations were derived are also fully cited. The final chapter, “The Dirt on Dachshunds and Terriers,” argues that the Dachshund is functionally a terrier; that no terriers prior to the sixteenth century qualify as short-legged forerunners of the Dachshund; that Elizabethan terriers were in fact French-style bassets; and that modern Scottish terriers took their short-leggedness from Dachshunds smuggled into Scotland by Gypsies in the eighteenth century.

Author’s Credentials:
ROBERT HUTCHINSON is the author of many critically acclaimed books on the natural and social history of dog breeds. He was a research scientist at the American Museum of Natural History and studied paleontology at Columbia University.

Item Number: BTP1-56313-903-0

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