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For the Love of Rottweilers

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For the Love of Rottweilers celebrates its magnificent subject in word and image. The photographs of a prestigious group of pet photographers admiringly contemplate the Rottweiler as a living companion at work, at play, and at rest. The text by the eminent dog writer, Robert Hutchinson, elucidates with unprecedented clarity the hitherto obscure origins of the breed in Germany at the turn of the twentieth century. This is a book to be reckoned with by all students of the breedand chewn like a sinewy schnapps by all Rottweiler lovers.

The first chapter ticks off the awesome design features that mark the Rottweiler as a triumph of genetic engineering. The second chapter recounts the firsts from the dawn of the breed (1882-1905): first written mentions, first images, first standards, and first dog show appearances. Hutchinson shows that all the specimens of this earliest phase were distinctly longer in the leg and muzzle than our modern Rottweiler. This lanky conformation was eliminated from stud by the triumph of a breed club that was formed in 1907 to advance the cause of a radically new mastiff-like conformation corresponding to that of the modern breed. The third chapter calculates maximum rates of point change attainable in dog breeding programs and concludes the modern Rottweiler could not possibly have been derived from the early Rottweiler by inbreeding alone. The final chapter presents a best-fit scenario for the development of the modern Rottweiler breed by successive outcrossings of a traditional long-legged herding type to two established breeds: first to the robust Leonberger, and then to the stocky early Boxer.


Author's Credentials:
ROBERT HUTCHINSON is the author of many critically acclaimed books on the natural and social history of dog breeds. He was a research scientist at the American Museum of Natural History and studied paleontology at Columbia University.

Item Number: BTP1-56313-900-6

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