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K9 Advantix For Dogs 4-Pack or 6-Pack

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K9 Advantix Variation:

K9 Advantix is a unique combination of two proven ingredients that work synergistically against parasites. The mode of action of imidacloprid complements the activity of permethrin. Each affects parasite nerve cells at different sites. When combined, the neurotoxic effect against parasites is enhanced. This leads to rapid paralysis and death of the parasites.

• Prevents mosquitos from biting. K9 Advantix repels and kills mosquitoes before they can bite - protection Frontline® Plus can't offer. As the vector of West Nile Virus, mosquitoes are a growing concern. Research demonstrates K9 Advantix kills up to 98.3% of mosquitoes and reduces their feeding up to 95.2%. Mosquitoes that don't bite can't annoy dogs or transmit disease.

• Keeps ticks from biting. K9 Advantix offers superior protection against ticks because it repels and kills Deer ticks, American dog ticks, Lone Star ticks and Brown dog ticks before they can attach. It repels up to 98.5% of ticks—repellency Frontline® Plus can't offer. Ticks that are repelled and die without biting can't spread disease.

 • Stops fleas from biting. K9 Advantix offers the superior protection against fleas you can only get from imidacloprid. It stops fleas from biting in less than 5 minutes and kills them before they lay eggs.3 K9 Advantix also kills flea larvae before they develop into more biting fleas, so there’s no need for an IGR (insect growth regulator).

• For puppies and dogs 7 weeks and older, any size

• Apply topically once per month

• Remains effective after swimming and bathing.

• Contains imidacloprid and permethrin.

• Available in 4 dosage sizes: 10 lbs. and under, 11-20 lbs., 21-55 lbs., and dogs weighing over 55 pounds.

• Please specify 4 pack or 6 pack and dosage size.

Please note: This product must NOT be used on cats.

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