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Crunchy Treats
Biscuits with a hard, crunchy texture that benefits teeth and gums by helping prevent excess tartar build up. Non-greasy formulas, perfect to carry in your pocket.
Liver Treats
Premium quality freeze dried 100% liver treats that dogs love! Provides the nutrition of fresh liver without the mess, cooking or storage problems.
Soft Dog Treats
Reward your dog with a chewy soft dog treat.
Solid Gold Treats
The Solid Gold biscuits and treat line give you the perfect treat to reward your pet. Their biscuits are made with premium ingredients and their bagels are human-grade.
Special Holiday Treats
Treat your special friend to a holiday surprise! Treats for Christmas, Thanksgiving, St. Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, etc. Your pet can celebrate with you, with plenty of "yummies".